Greek-style Goulash

9 May


My roommate and I got bored with our current pantry supply, and decided to run down to the Somali market to pick up random ingredients for dinner. After wandering through the store with nothing but growing curiousity, we settled on two cans of chick peas and fresh tomatoes. Although I was tempted to get some Tahini (ground sesame seed dressing), it was in a gigantic jar so we skipped it.

When I got home, I mixed the chick peas, green beans, cumin, parsley, and the remaining half of some lentil soup I had in the fridge. While those were simmering, I cooked some cous cous separately. Right before the cous cous was done, I mixed in some random croutons my roommate provided. We ended up eating this strange “goulash” with slices of fresh tomatoes, and sliced bananas for dessert. Completely random – but tasted fantastic!

Side note: The woman working at the market suggested this. Unfortunately I had few to none of the ingredients, but it’s on the to-do list:

Start cooking diced onions in a pan. Mix with a little bit of olive oil and water, and cook lentils into the mixture. Add garlic. Once the lentils are cooked, mix together with rice.


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