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Egg okra curry

2 Mar

Sounds weird, maybe gross. Right? Wrong, silly! On a recent trip to the grocery store i randomly decided that okra sounded delicious. m at forward to me staring at frozen okra sitting in my freezer that I had no idea what to do with. After
three minutes of extensive research I decided to just go for it. And “it” was magnificent.

Frozen okra
Tomato sauce
Diced tomatoes
Chili powder
Curry powder
Cayenne pepper
Black pepper

I served it over quinoa, but you could easily eat it solo or add more veggies or grains to make it more gulash-y.

I was feelin extra protein so I added an egg on top! Illogical? Maybe. Delicious? Uhhhhmmm yes.



Watermelon-Lime Chicken Bowl

10 Jul

Watermelon Lime Chicken BowlI had some leftover Watermelon from the 4th of July, and decided to mix it in!

1/2 c Watermelon, sliced

1/2 c  frozen peas

1/2 green pepper

1/4 c (dry) quinoa

1 filet (4oz?) chicken

2 Tbsp. Ortega Green Chile Taco Sauce

I started cooking the quinoa as my chicken was thawing, then sauteed my chicken with the green peppers and green chile sauce.

Mix and done!! Perfect quick summer dish.


30 May

I cooked barley (pearled barley, to be specific) in my rice cooker. It came out perfectly. I just bought a bunch of fresh tomatoes from the farmer’s market today, so I used two of those (chopped) and some arugula I bought last week. I mixed together barley, tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella cheese, and a can of tuna for protein. Delicious. The thing that took the longest was the barley – but I think I’m just overly impatient (it probably only took about 20 minutes.)

Banana Pancakes (a.k.a. Kamikaze cakes)

22 May

Banana Pancakes on the Skillet

I combined pancake mix, ripe bananas, and currents for breakfast today. Adding bananas is a great way to add sweetness (and substance) to pancakes – thus eliminating sugary, sticky, syrup. I had some currents left over from irish soda bread I make while visiting my parents (recipe to come later). The combo of the flavors reminds me of the Kamikaze cakes that I had at a restaurant here in

Minneapolis called Egg & I.

Greek-style Goulash

9 May


My roommate and I got bored with our current pantry supply, and decided to run down to the Somali market to pick up random ingredients for dinner. After wandering through the store with nothing but growing curiousity, we settled on two cans of chick peas and fresh tomatoes. Although I was tempted to get some Tahini (ground sesame seed dressing), it was in a gigantic jar so we skipped it.

When I got home, I mixed the chick peas, green beans, cumin, parsley, and the remaining half of some lentil soup I had in the fridge. While those were simmering, I cooked some cous cous separately. Right before the cous cous was done, I mixed in some random croutons my roommate provided. We ended up eating this strange “goulash” with slices of fresh tomatoes, and sliced bananas for dessert. Completely random – but tasted fantastic!

Side note: The woman working at the market suggested this. Unfortunately I had few to none of the ingredients, but it’s on the to-do list:

Start cooking diced onions in a pan. Mix with a little bit of olive oil and water, and cook lentils into the mixture. Add garlic. Once the lentils are cooked, mix together with rice.

Lactose Intolerant? Try Almond Milk!

11 Apr

My mother is very much lactose intolerant. Unfortunately, I also have a sensitivity to milk (mainly whole milk, heavy cream, etc.). It’s not every dairy product that makes me feel sick, but out of habit I tend to stay away from milk and other dairy products often, especially in recipes that allow for easy substitutions.

If you haven’t yet – try cooking with Almond Milk. In the past I’ve tried soy milk, hemp milk, and rice milk, and I have found that almond is the closest thing – recipe wise – to dairy milk. It cooks the same – meaning it thickens recipes like dairy milk does – but it doesn’t contain any lactose!

I recommend getting Vanilla Unsweetened, because you can drink it plain or add it to things without getting such a strong almond flavor. Best part? Only 40 calories in an 8 oz glass (serving), but even more calcium than a glass of regular milk.

I just made some chocolate pudding on the stove with almond milk. Delicious! – And dairy free.

Other good things to try if you have a sensitivity to milk? Tofutti, Laughing Cow Cheese (pasteurized), and Rice Dream ice cream. Let me know if you have any fabulous dairy-free recipes!

Brown Sugar Salmon

9 Apr

I took some brown sugar and soy sauce, mixed them in a dish. Then put the salmon in the dish and baked it. Delicious and SUPER easy!!! Served w/frozen broccoli, and a side of nuts & dried fruit for dessert.