Lactose Intolerant? Try Almond Milk!

11 Apr

My mother is very much lactose intolerant. Unfortunately, I also have a sensitivity to milk (mainly whole milk, heavy cream, etc.). It’s not every dairy product that makes me feel sick, but out of habit I tend to stay away from milk and other dairy products often, especially in recipes that allow for easy substitutions.

If you haven’t yet – try cooking with Almond Milk. In the past I’ve tried soy milk, hemp milk, and rice milk, and I have found that almond is the closest thing – recipe wise – to dairy milk. It cooks the same – meaning it thickens recipes like dairy milk does – but it doesn’t contain any lactose!

I recommend getting Vanilla Unsweetened, because you can drink it plain or add it to things without getting such a strong almond flavor. Best part? Only 40 calories in an 8 oz glass (serving), but even more calcium than a glass of regular milk.

I just made some chocolate pudding on the stove with almond milk. Delicious! – And dairy free.

Other good things to try if you have a sensitivity to milk? Tofutti, Laughing Cow Cheese (pasteurized), and Rice Dream ice cream. Let me know if you have any fabulous dairy-free recipes!


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