I’m a baker!

10 Apr

Attempted bread from scratch – it went suprisingly well!

I used a recipe that I found on “The Simple Dollar” here – a finance website, believe it or not. The recipe was extremely helpful because it went step-by-step (perfect for first-timers, like me.)

I started with just plain white and wheat bread (happened to have both types of flower in my cupboard), then on my second try I did a honey/cinnamon/brown sugar loaf – delicious!

Wheat flour is known as being a little bit trickier than white, but I found it to be very easy to work with.

Making your own bread is something that seems super difficult, but in practice was actually very easy. The only thing is that you have to have time to let it rise – two separate hours. Not a quick process, but in my opinion worth it considering how delicious, cheap, and healthy (no preservatives!) the end product is.

Have any good bread recipes I should try? Questions about baking bread? Let me know! I’m thinking italian seasoning might be my next add-in. We’ll see what I have in my spice cabinet…


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